Do you have a new lawn? Then you should really know what the keys to sustaining the health of your grass.

New lawn proper care involves three main components: water, mowing, and traffic.


New lawns should be watered daily during their early weeks. This will be crucial in new garden care. Daily watering may help the roots to be able to get established. Keep the turf very moist. In case you are experiencing a new drought in your region, or if you are now living in a very hot environment, you may need in order to water your lawn two times a day.

While the key to new lawn proper care requires keeping the lawn moist, you should not necessarily over water your new garden to the point exactly where it is a damp, muddy mess. Try to be able to not saturate the dirt. If puddles are developing within your lawn, you are watering too much. Too much water in the dirt can keep the roots of the new grass through attaining deep roots.

When your grass starts to take on a grey color, it is showing you it is not obtaining the water it requires. A quick way to notice if your lawn will be getting enough water is to use a knife or electric screwdriver to dig into typically the soil. The dirt should be damp to the depth of six inches.

Once your new yard has passed the two-week time frame, you may reduce watering to two or perhaps three times per few days. How often you water your current new lawn at this specific stage will depend on your environment. A fresh lawn within a dry environment or in an area of which is experiencing substantial drought may need to be watered four or five times per week.

Mowing and Trimming:

New lawn care suggestions for sod state of which an initial mowing can take place within three weeks regarding planting.

New lawn treatment guidelines for seeded lawns state that it might be 8-10 weeks before a mowing is needed.

Another crucial component to maintaining the particular health of your new lawn is to never cut your grass unless it truly is dry. Mowing on brand new, wet grass can draw the newly rooted turf out of the dirt.

Never mow your new lawn grass. It is advisable for your new lawn turf to be a little high in order to be also short. By allowing your new lawn grass growing a little high just before performing will make certain that typically the grass is well seated and established before that undergoes the trauma of a lawn mower cutting tool.


You should attempt to restrict the number of visitors on your new lawn in the course of the starting weeks following planting. Whilst it is unwanted to keep all visitors off of your new lawn, traffic should end up being kept down. You may not want your youngsters riding bikes or playing ball on the new lawn turf.

A lawn that will be not protected from large traffic can be ruined and die. Friction on the new grass can pull up newly established roots that are still weak. Reducing rubbing is important in brand new lawn care.